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Jobs at Chateau Amsterdam

​​Never a dull moment. No seriously. As a fast-growing company we’re always curious about what you have to offer us. Sometimes we have job openings - sometimes not. Don’t hesitate to send us your passionate application either way.

Chateau Amsterdam

Chateau Amsterdam is an urban winery, but most of all a modern family company. Founded by father and son in 2017. Chateau produces modern and classic wines together with grape farmers from all over Europe. By transporting the grapes from European vineyards to Amsterdam, we make wine in the city fór the city. We sell these wines online, in multiple stores and restaurants and of course in our own tasting room. 

Team Chateau

A group of pioneers, with roots in the south of our country, found their way to Amsterdam, just like our grapes. Some bound by blood, others bound by wine but all working together as one family using the same four company values:

  • Rush Slowly: be attentive, dare to make decisions, be patience

  • Be decisive with an open heart: be honest about your intentions and honest

  • On Seaday it is possible: pioneering is improvising; Don’t be discouraged, but keep playing and dare to ask others to work together

  • We are a family; there is a place for everyone,  vulnerability is celebrated and our product is designed for more than one generation

Everyday at Chateau we reach to do better and work harder for a more sustainable world. We are deeply impressed by the Netflix documentary ‘Our Planet‘ and we are gratefully inspired by Sir David Attenborough for a more sustainable world.

Chateau Amsterdam